3 Cocktail Pack


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Send 3 cocktails to yourself or a pal. Fits in an even smaller box, just as boozy, just as delicious.

We’ll be posting these on the 9th December

Buy 2 and get 10% off (as long as they’re going to the same address!)

Pick from:


Bourbon Old fashioned  – Bourbon, simple syrup and bitters
Negroni – Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari
Manhattan –  Made perfect,  with rye whiskey,  sweet+dry vermouth, a touch of cognac and bitters


Pistachio Martini – Gin martini with pistachio
American Trilogy – Pecan Smoked Applejack and Rye Old Fashioned
Fig & Thyme Margarita – Thyme infused reposado tequila, fig liqueur, acid blend and agave


Tequila, honey, hyssop vinegar, tonka bean
Hop and hay gimlet
Still working on the last one

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Classic, Modern, Weird