Smoke And Flowers

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We had a little play with this drink on thursday night and I thought I’d knock one up at home for Burns Night and share the recipe with y’all.

Nice and simple, but the most important thing here is a delicious and smoky scotch; Ardbeg, Laphroigh, Caol Ila, Talisker or even Port Charlotte should all work, and you can tweak the proportions to taste.

  • 35ml Peaty Scotch whisky
  • 15ml St Germain Elderflower
  • 10ml Suze (try swapping this with dry sherry or dry vermouth, too)

Stir the ingredients over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Gie him strong drink until he wink,
That’s sinking in despair;
An’ liquor guid to fire his bluid,
That’s prest wi’ grief and care:
There let him bouse, an’ deep carouse,
Wi’ bumpers flowing o’er,
Till he forgets his loves or debts,
An’ minds his griefs no more.